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We Specialize in Building Envelope & Structural Consulting,
Condition Assessments, Project Management, Depreciation Reports and More..

Strata Engineering is an Industry Leader in
Building Science

Condition Assessments

Our scope of work and opinion of cost are delivered based not only from information within our own databases but also from different contractors, ensuring reliability and accuracy.

Depreciation Reports

Depreciation reports cover a broad range of capital expenditures and building improvements and thus require various fields of expertise. Our reports are compiled by a highly qualified team with a wide range of expertise ensuring quality which exceeds industry standards. Our reports help strata property owners to stay informed of the condition of their property and properly maintain an adequate contingency reserve fund. 

Balconies, Decks & Roofing

A roof replacement is a significant expense to the strata and its lifetime is affected by the installation procedures. By creating the proper design, developing the matching specification and overseeing the installation we significantly reduce the chance for all common problems that are often seen within improperly installed roofs or balconies.

2-5-10 Warranty Reviews

Our warranty review is prepared after a detailed physical inspection of the strata corporation’s common properties and an examination of all accessible plans, maintenance records along with other necessary information by a Professional Engineer.

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