At Strata Engineering, we use a team of energy consultants with diverse backgrounds to provide and implement high-efficiency energy solutions. We look at all aspects of energy consumption and loss, starting with the building enclosure and space-heat. Our Energy Assessments Include, But Are Not Limited to the Following:

An in Depth Documentation and Building Plan Review
  • This helps us highlight potential building design inefficiencies as well as gives us an analysis of current electricity and gas utility consumption.
An On-Site Building Inspection Typically Involving a Structural and Mechanical Engineer, As Well As a Thermodynamic Consultant
  • The initial inspection is used to find areas of significant energy loss as well as determine necessary methods for futher testing.
  • Testing methods are specific to the building, but may involve,  infrared thermography, moisture and air-leakage testing,  and generated smoke path testing.
Using Advanced Building Simulation Tools and Software
  •  Our 3D modeling software helps highlight areas of inefficiency, and provides quantifiable effective thermal resistance values.
 A Detailed Report Containing the Finding of the Study
  • This report will describe in detail the findings of the study as well as recommendations for future energy upgrades
  • We provide insight into areas of energy inefficiency and create a plan of action for future monetary and energy savings.
  • We include estimated retrofitting and construction cost for proposed upgrades, and include future savings estimates.