Parkade Waterproofing and Crack Repairs

Waterproofing systems and membranes play an important part to the structural integrity of the substructure and the building itself. The membrane, part of the building envelope, protects the concrete substructure from water ingress which will lead to structural failure over time. Improper installation or design can accelerate deterioration of these components.

Even though the underground parkades and membranes are included as a part of our standard building envelope condition assessments (BECA), we can offer and investigation that will concentrate specifically on their performance.

Our underground parkade condition assessment studies investigate the performance of the building envelope components that are responsible for waterproofing the foundations of the building and to identify all defects or deficiencies. As a standard, our assessments comprise residential questionnaires, detailed review of building plans and maintenance records, following an inspection involving specific and invasive testing. Typically, the investigation will include non-invasive testing of the waterproofing membrane, sloping, water flow and water accumulation analysis throughout the property, quantification of the slab on grade settlement, identification of efflorescence, spalling and cracking of the concrete that may have been a result of water ingress as well as reviewing the performance of storm water sump pumps and catch basins. Our underground parkade condition assessment reports detail the condition of different assemblies, findings of the investigation and recommendations for possible remedial solutions.

Upon the analysis of our investigation, we present our recommendations to clients in an easily understandable fashion to come to an achievable solution. Strata Engineering stands by our principles of transparency, efficiency and professionalism and this shows through our Parkade & Membrane investigations.

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