Balconies, Decks, & Roofing

Balconies, decks and roofs are part of the building envelope and play a crucial role in separating the exterior environment from the interior of a building. We find strong correlation between overlooked deficiencies in roofs or balconies to buildings that require much more extensive repairs.

We believe that an annual inspection of your roofs and balconies by a professional engineer prolongs the life expectancy of your building and significantly reduces replacement costs.

Whether you are concerned with the performance of balconies in your building and require an investigative report:

Balcony Condition Assessment

looking to waterproof your decks:

Deck Waterproofing

replace balcony vinyl membrane:

Balcony Vinyl Membrane Replacement

or change the existing design of your roofing system:

Roofing System Design

Our experience with design and rehabilitation of buildings in British Columbia allows us to provide you with the most effective and cost efficient solutions.

Strata Engineering is committed to make buildings worry-free.


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Great, reliable company very service and detail oriented and most important they meet their deadlines and stay on budget. They are my go to consulting engineering firm.

Jason Scott, Strata Manager